The process behind our handmade bags from Panajachel

At our brand, we pride ourselves on offering artisan and unique handmade bags by our talented artisans from Panajachel. But how are these beautiful bags actually made? Here’s a behind the scenes look at the production process of our handcrafted bags.

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Materials selection

It all starts with the selection of the best materials. Our artisans use a variety of natural fabrics such as wool, cotton, and linen, as well as leather and other synthetic materials. Each material is carefully selected to ensure that the final bag is of high quality. The craftsmen ensure that the materials are strong and durable, to ensure that the bag will withstand daily use. In addition, it ensures that the materials are respectful with the environment and do not harm nature.

design and patterns

Once the materials are selected, our artisans begin working on the designs and patterns. Each bag is unique and is based on the traditional designs of the Panajachel region. The patterns are drawn by hand and then transferred to the material. The designs are created with functionality and aesthetics in mind, to ensure that the bag is both attractive and practical. The designs are inspired by the culture and tradition of Panajachel, to provide an authentic and original product.

Cut, sew and finish

The bag pieces are then cut out according to the pattern and sewn together. The bags are hand-sewn using traditional techniques to ensure quality and durability. The artisans use manual sewing techniques to ensure that each bag is unique and perfectly finished.

Once the bag is completely sewn, it is given the final finish. This can include the addition of decorative details such as buttons, studs or embroidery. The bag is also checked to make sure it is free of defects before it is shipped to our customers. Rigorous quality checks are carried out to ensure that each bag meets our quality standards. In addition, a personalized touch is added to the bag with a label or a plate with the name of the brand.

Packaging and shipping

Finally, the bag is proudly packaged and shipped to our customers. Each bag is 100% handmade in Panajachel with dedication and care. In addition, we make sure that the bag is transported safely and protected during the transfer, with the aim of arriving in optimal conditions at its destination and that you can enjoy it with pride.