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The best way to share and support our culture is by wearing it.

We design and manufacture handmade bags with 100% genuine leather, with high quality and handmade accessories.

Who are we?

We are a family business, 100% Guatemalan, that involves artisans from different towns in Guatemala, such as: San Juan La Laguna, Chichicastenango, Santa Catarina Palopó, Sololá, Momostenango, Zunil, Totonicapán, Quiché and Panajachel, the municipality where our workshop is located. and store.

We share the heritage of our ancestors in the colors and designs of our huipiles, which are combined with other materials such as leather, to create bags with exclusive designs for men and women. Exporting to other countries taking our culture to different parts of the world.

About us

Our goal is to be the main exponent and producer of bags made with quality leather and one hundred percent Guatemalan textiles, expanding our designs in new markets.

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We love our work

We are committed to creating innovative designs that are exponents of the Guatemalan Mayan culture.



Each of our products is of high quality and made to high production standards.

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About our people

Trained people who, through job opportunities, promote a better quality of life.

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We reformulate Innovation

We innovate methods and designs at the forefront of contemporary fashion.

Our clients

The best experience I’ve ever had in a bag store; The quality is noticeable from the moment you look at each product and even more so when you touch them and see the details they have. In addition, Alfonso made us a custom bag, and listened to each of our requirements with patience. His passion and his love for his art are noticeable. If you come to Panajachel it is a mandatory stop… And buy one or two little things.


- Maria Antonia Arango -

I love the personalized bag that Ponchos and her team made for me. Ponchos even invited us into his workshop and showed us around. It was lovely. This bag is of high quality and is customized to the dimensions of most airline carry-on luggage. I highly recommend buying a leather bag from this store!


- Anya Overmann -

Our Materials

We use leather imported from South America for its high quality and variety of colors. Thus giving an excellent product to our customers.

All huipiles designs are made on a backstrap loom by Mayan women. Making our fabrics a unique pattern.


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